About us

Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme is a DFID funded initiative aimed at helping Nigerians better manage conflict and ensure the reduction in cases of violent conflict.

The programme will implement a number of cost-effective interventions to reduce violence and improve stability. This will include technical assistance to improve the co-ordination of security providers and make them more accountable to the public, supporting communities to manage conflicts around land use and oil spills, supporting the implementation of a National Action Plan on women, peace and security as well as creating safe spaces for girls and women so as to protect them from violence, and small grants to help civil society organisations innovate and expand their peace building efforts.

The programme will carry out significant operational research to improve the evidence base on the dynamics of violent conflict in Nigeria and use it to improve policy and practice of decision-makers. It will also seek to improve the coverage of conflict issues in the Nigerian media and increase opportunities for the wider public to voice concerns and influence decision-making.

The programme will work at the federal, state and local government level. The focus will be on eight states in conflict-affected parts of the country. In the North Kaduna, Kano, Yobe and Borno, in the Middle Belt Plateau, in the Niger Delta Bayelsa, Rivers and Delta.