Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is a priority for NSRP. It helps the programme stay on track and determine if its activities is having impact. M&E ensures that all NSRP staff have access to information needed to learn lessons, make programme choices and management decision.

The monitoring process is an internal tracking of a set of pre-defined indicators and new consequences while evaluation is a more external view with greater emphasis on the link to the context and impact and effectiveness of programme’s activities.

NSRP will conduct on-going monitoring for a range of purposes including:

  • Providing data required to report against the logical framework of the programme (including the Value for Money)
  • Providing data to make programme-related decisions and stimulate learning
  • Collecting evidence of NSRP’s impact
  • Providing material for external communication

In addition, evaluation is used to answer the fundamental question, “to what extent did the means contribute to the desired end?” where the “means” is a specific NSRP activity and the general “end” is the reduction of violent conflicts in target areas. Working in a conflict sensitive environment, it is paramount that evaluation is itself conflict sensitive. Thus it is carried out through a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods.

Some of our M&E tools include:

  1. Annual Perception Surveys (APS)
  2. Cohort Studies
  3. Case Studies
  4. Statistical Information: