Women and Girls

Our women and girls programme area is working towards ‘Increased and more influential participation by women and girls in institutions and initiatives relevant to peacebuilding, with reduced prevalence and impact of violence against women and girls’.

The problem
Despite being affected differently by violent conflict and being vulnerable to gender based violence, women are absent from peacebuilding and conflict management mechanisms.  The exclusion of women from formal or informal processes means that their expertise and capacities are not used. Because gender-based exclusion and marginalisation are indicators of the likelihood of violent conflict, addressing women’s exclusion can also promote non-violent conflict management.

How we believe change will occur
We are supporting the increase in women’s participation in peacebuilding, and initiatives that reduce violence against women and girls. We do this by building a more conducive environment for women’s participation, and reducing the culture of silence and acceptance around gender-based violence. So far:

  • NSRP supported the federal government to develop and implement its National Action Plan to implement UN resolution 1325, with roll-out across NSRP programme states, including rigorous monitoring by women’s civil society and their supporters
  • We are tackling violence against women and girls by creating physical and non-physical ‘safe spaces’ for adolescents and youth where they learn to manage conflict non-violently, to report and to challenge gender-based violence
  • We are facilitating the ability of women’s civil society and their networks to intervene in conflict, engage in peacebuilding and build the evidence about how women’s participation supports conflict management.

By supporting the development of a strong policy framework for women’s participation and the reduction of gender-based violence, and by supporting women’s activism and increasing the skills of male and female adolescents and youth to address gender based discrimination, NSRP believes that conflict is more likely to be managed non-violently, and that peacebuilding efforts will be more sustained.

Find out more about our work in implementing UN Security Council resolution 1325 and preventing violence against women and girls


The clip highlights the key achievements of the NSRP safe spaces, set up as Peace Clubs.

Watch our documentary on the Peace Clubs, our Observatory platform and our expose on Women, Peace and Security. They can be found on YouTube

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