Research, Media and Advocacy

Our research, media and advocacy area is influencing a wider cross-section of decision makers through research, advocacy, institutional partnerships and the media, to have an increasingly positive influence on stability and reconciliation.

The problem

Key Nigerian institutions with mandates relating to conflict do not currently optimise the contribution that they could make to prevent, reduce and manage conflicts. Sometimes their decisions may worsen conflict. This Output addresses four areas where there is an opportunity to support Nigerian institutions become more conflict and gender sensitive. The specific problems addressed by the output are:

  • The lack of quality research and evidence on conflict, and a low tendency by policy makers to use evidence in decision making
  • Key Nigerian institutions that do not effectively address stability and reconciliation in their policies and practices
  • Evidence that media reports have triggered or worsened violence due to a lack of conflict sensitivity in media reporting and programme. Missed opportunities by the media to use its reach to promote discussions aimed at reconciliation and problem solving
  • A lack of awareness by donor programmes about how their interventions impact on conflict dynamics, so that they may, at times, have negative effects.

How we believe change will occur

There are four components under this programme area.  Each addresses a particular type of institutional context in which there is scope for more conflict-sensitive decision making; there are also a number of complementarities between components.  The components are respectively aimed at:

  • Increasing the quality, quantity and availability of knowledge about violent conflicts in Nigeria, through primary research, documenting programme lessons, and knowledge management, dissemination and advocacy
  • Strategic partnerships with key Nigerian institutions to enable them to address stability and reconciliation more effectively in their policies and practices
  • Conflict sensitising the Nigerian media and government officials and increasing opportunities for audiences to contribute to governance and peacebuilding
  • Supporting conflict sensitivity in the design, implementation and evaluation of DFID programmes.

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